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Tastings & Events

We at All Goods Man are looking to help you bring your workplace back together in safe and fun ways. We are booking up our holiday gathering calendar and would love to assist you in planning and getting your office together. We offer some amazing and safe ways to host fun and local crafted events. A few events we have hosted and ideas for you:

Outdoor & Private Gatherings

  • Craft Beer Tasting and/or Local Wine Tasting - Select up to 4 brewers or wineries or styles of Craft Beer or wine varieties and we set up a fun tasting event.
  • We help you select a few small kegs and bartend your event. We have great connections to the best Food trucks around if you would like a Food & Beverage Gathering.
  • Food and Beverage pairings - Beer and Wine paired with hand selected charcuterie

Bringing the Office back to Life

Bring the best of the best in local crafted beverages to your workplace. We procure, set-up, maintain, and replace kegs of all types, from cold brew to komucha to beer and wine.  We can help make your safe gathering areas of work a community again.

Not sure about shared kegs yet? No worries, we offer set up of small fridges and stock them with canned beverages, such as 16oz craft beer, the best of canned wine and cider, kombucha, and cold brew.

Virtual Events

Looking for a safe virtual event for your team? We put together and deliver a tasting box of your choice (beer, wine, snacks, games, etc) and send them directly to your employees (shipped within California or local delivery). We can then host a virtual tasting and gathering with your team to learn about the beers/wines/beverages you’ve selected.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us anytime at events@allgoodsman.com