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Guava Fresca • Gluten Free Sour • 7%

We love guava, a lot. We love sours too. And guess what, they’re even better together!

The natural floral notes of guava pair perfectly with the funky, tropical notes of the Lactobacillus Plantarum bacteria used to sour this beer, creating a complex bouquet of fruit flavors and aromas.

Delightfully tart, Guava Fresca delivers a balanced interpretation of the kettle sour style, with acidity, fruit, and malt flavors all contributing equally.

In choosing the fermentables for this beer, we wanted to make sure that the guava and Lacto flavors would stay front and center. That’s why we turned to pale rice malt, an extremely light-colored malt that offers some residual sweetness and body but that works best as a supporting player.

For the same reason, we also kept the hops to a minimum, using only a tiny dose of noble hops to balance out the other flavors. The end result is a beer that is multidimensional, refreshing, and a guaranteed crowd-pleaser!