A new addition to our year-round lineup and a friendly business partner at 5.5% abv. We've been developing versions of this beer for a while. You can find an intersection somewhere between “On The Lawn ~ Smoking Gull ~ Tasty Waves ~ Smoking Daisy.” Its final compounds POP with Citra, Mosaic, Idaho 7 and Centennial, but it’s still tangled up in the horns of original pale ale – a sweet and creamy core. This bond, all held high by yeast’s haze darling, London 3. Another arch in the Half Acre ROYGBIV system.

This is a purpose-built Pale Ale. Low ABV float beer has always been a big part of our investment. IPA, DIPA, monster dipping sauces, of course, but over the stretch: PALE ALE.

The other, this is hazy beer. It suits this design and allows for another band in the rainbow of hop proud beers you can easily get from Half Acre

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