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Pale From The Crypt • West Coast Pale Ale • 5.5%

Pale From The Crypt is a big, bold, unapologetic West Coast Pale Ale. It boasts a robust aroma of peaches, tangerines, and passion fruit. A backbone of two-row barley, caramel malt, and torrified wheat act to balance the beer for a frighteningly satisfying experience.

“We are extremely excited to join forces with EC Comics on this project. Their brand and legacy as a creative force are inspiring and we are honored to have the opportunity to work with them.”  Brendan Gough, Liquid Gravity Brewing Company.

The first officially licensed beer for EC Comics, Pale from the Crypt will feature iconic cover art from the original Tales from the Crypt comic books, as well as original art created by Toby Newell. You’ll find familiar faces such as the Crypt Keeper, Old Witch, and Vault Keeper; along with the new Hop Witch, Brewmeister, and Malt Keeper. For the first release in this partnership, the label will feature cover art from the 1951 Tales from the Crypt February/March issue. 

"Pale from the Crypt is a dream come BREW for EC! The people behind Liquid Gravity are big EC Fan-Addicts, and they've poured so much love into this product.”  Corey Mifsud, EC Comics.